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How I'm Tuning in to My Body

Have you ever noticed that during certain activities or on certain days you feel tension, jaw clenching, extra stress, etc? I think we all know there will be external sources of stress that aren't controllable for the most part, but have you ever thought about how maybe some of these things are trying to point something out to you?

I have been noticing the last few weeks at certain times / certain days I'm feeling tension and noticing jaw clenching when I wouldn't think that I should be feeling these things or have a reason to feel like this. I've slowed down when I start to notice this and have been asking myself why I'm feeling so tense. I just realized today that when I'm feeling these things it's usually when I am spending too much time and energy working on things like figuring out how much money we have until our next payday or when I'm trying to figure out things related to money. I must still have some subconscious beliefs about lack of money that I haven't worked through. I've also noticed that the more time I'm spending on what feels like "wasting" time on social media the more tense I'm finding myself to be. If I'm on social media for a purpose and I get that done quickly, that's not a big deal, but the scrolling and rabbit hole it's easy to go down is where I'm finding myself in tension.

Do you ever find yourself having these feelings when it's relating to wasting time or on how much money you have? Do you have these feelings for other things in your life?

I think the most important thing we can do is listen to our bodies and follow our intuition or callings, so the best thing I can do (and we all can do) is to take time in stillness and listen to what our bodies are telling us then create a plan to help ourselves work through that.

My solutions for myself: I am doing some EFT / tapping daily this week from Brad Yates' YouTube Channel about money and having more than enough, I'm doing a 7 day money challenge to "find" money in ways such as selling things I haven't used in a long time and won't use and working on the challenges that I'm sent each day and I'm also doing random acts of kindness along with doTERRA's Kindness Challenge in order to give and feel free doing that, which boosts the mood and happiness while helping others and also ends up helping me (all of us) be more open to receiving things that come our way. I'm also being more aware of when I'm spending time on social media and telling myself it's time to put it down and walk away for awhile. It can definitely become like an addiction at time and you don't even realize it. I also have a great App that I use called Forest that I can set a timer to not use my phone and it grows a tree during that time. If I succeed then I get points and the points go towards being able to have a real tree planted for me after so many points. Good for me and good for the world. I love to constantly learn and absorb information like a sponge, but taking the action towards what we need to change and sticking with it will be where the change in our feelings and bodies comes and sticks.

Is there anything that you're feeling tension around today? What can you do to release some of that tension and feel good? Let me know in the comments!

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