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Are you speaking what you DON'T want into existence?

Sometimes I need a little wake up call and the other day I had one of those. My goal is to get to the point where I can work from home and work on my own time in my business. I have found myself some days making a point to let people know I have a job by saying things like "I have get home to work", "I have to go so I can get my work done", "Mommy has to work at home today, so I have to leave", etc. While these are all true statements at this point in my life, I realized that I have been making a point for others to know that I am working, I have a full-time job and most of all... I am not just going home without work to do. What the heck? Why would I be concerned about people thinking that I don't have to work or don't have a job? Why would that bother me? I feel as if I have been so conditioned to think I have to work, I need a job, I have to work full-time, I have to work hard, etc. that this has all been buried deep down inside of my subconscious and I had no idea that was in there.

I've been doing a lot of self exploration work through yoga teacher training the last 5 months, reading some really great books and learning more and more about myself, so this isn't shocking when I have a realization like this. It does make me feel like saying "DUH Jenna" and shaking my head at myself for doing this for so long and saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I want in my life. I am choosing to give myself grace and not beat myself up over something like this because I know that nothing good will come from that. I love learning things about myself that I actually have some power to change if I don't like them.

Some things I know to be true on the surface and will be repeating to myself often now to change my subconscious behavior and thoughts:

*My worth does not come from having a job.

*I am respected and worthy without a full-time corporate job.

*People who stay at home with their kids do not have to prove anything to anyone either.

*Working on my own time in my doTERRA business is a perfect way to earn money and to follow my passions at the same time.

*It is a GREAT thing to be able to stay at home with my kids and work on my business as it works for us. It is not something that people will look down on me for.

*Any judgement from others means they are unhappy with their situation, self or life.

*Any judgement from me on myself is resisting what I want in my life & pushing it away further out of my grasp.

*I can easily make the money I need doing what I love in the time that I choose to do it.

*It is not a badge of honor to work a full-time job.

*I have nothing to prove to anyone.

*I am loved.

*I am capable.

*I am worthy.


Now that I am aware of this, I can change these subconscious beliefs as I have done with other subconscious beliefs. It's time to make my dreams a reality and stop holding myself back with words and thoughts of what I DON'T want. You can use essential oils to help with these words of affirmation as an anchor. Choose your essential oil that you will use everyday as your anchor. Apply the oil to your pulse points and over your heart then say the affirmations everyday, even a few times per day. You'll start to see changes happening in your mind and in your life.

Are there any patterns or thoughts you've found in yourself that you want to change?

Make a list of good things you can tell yourself daily to start shifting your subconscious beliefs, fill your head and words with what you DO want. Tell yourself and believe that you are worthy and you are good enough now, as you are.

Love & Light,


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