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Traveling: Energy, Health & Sleeping Well

You know how when you travel and during the trip or afterwards you feel really run down? I used to feel this way also. We just got back from a weekend trip to Michigan and I realized that I felt much better during and after this trip than I normally do. Of course, driving 9 hours is going to make you tired, but it doesn't have to completely drag you down or ruin a whole day or several days for you. Below are some of my best tips for feeling your best when traveling and when you get back from your trip also.

1. Use some great supplements to keep your body feeling good

Some of the supplements I use daily, including when traveling, are the Lifelong Vitality Pack (Omegas, Whole food nutrients, vitamins and cell support with some amazing ingredients), PB Assist + (great time release probiotic) and TerraZyme (Digestive Enzymes). These products combined help with brain function, support my immune system & heart health, provide my body with whole food nutrients that I may miss out on while traveling and help my digestive system when eating and drinking different things while traveling. These supplements allow me to get on with my days and enjoy my vacation. If you need even more energy support I would suggest that you also add in Mito 2 Max.

2. Use some essential oils

I use essential oils daily and feel that they are truly essential to feeling my best (and even looking my best at times)! Some of my favorites to travel with are listed below.

* Lavender - Use for stress, calming or sleep. Also great for minor skin irritations like burns, blisters, cuts, scrapes and when you get too much sun.

* Serenity - Use for anxious feelings or sleep

* Peppermint - This will be great for long drives when you need to stay alert and awake, get some car sickness or an upset stomach, freshening your breath, regulating your body temperature when you get overheated or don't feel well and also helps with pain & when you get too much sun along with Lavender.

* On Guard (Protective blend) - This oil helps your immune system and helps keep you healthier. I like to use the On Guard beadlets while traveling for convenience, but either one will work. This is also beneficial for when you return.

* Citrus Oils - You can choose your favorite citrus oils to help with your mood, just be sure not to use them topically before you go out into the hot sun. Some of my favorites are: Lime, Lemon, Red Mandarin, Tangerine, Wild Orange and Citrus Bliss. I love all of the citrus oils!

* Balance - If you need some help with stress, anxious feelings, and feeling less like you're on a roller coaster of emotions, this one is for you. If you're a parent, you definitely need this. Apply 1 drop to the bottom of each of your big toes and your wrists if you like the smell.

* HD Clear or Melaleuca - for any acne that pops up while on your trip. Apply directly on the spot.

* Immortelle (anti aging blend) - for daily beauty routines or for signs of being tired like bags under your eyes.

3. Get outside & move

When you need an energy pick me up going on a walk, hike or exploring a part of the city you're visiting can be a great boost. If its outdoors that is even better. The fresh air will help give you a boost and help lift your mood.

4. Make sure to allow yourself enough time to rest

If you need a nap or need to sleep in, do it. This goes for before, during and after your trip. With kids, that is not usually possible, so find the quiet time or rest where you can. You can also listen to a guided meditation, which usually makes me feel like I took a nap. It sounds strange, but it works!

5. Eat & drink well when you can

If you can find some restaurants with good-for-you food or places to get juices, try to make it a priority to eat and drink some of the good for you things and then indulge in other foods when you want to also. I know my body feels much more run down when I don't eat anything good for me during my trips and just eat the junk food.

What are some of your best travel tips for feeling well and energetic?

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