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Feeling Discouraged?

We all go through moments, days or even weeks of feeling discouraged or down. When you're feeling discouraged your productivity will likely go down, and your relationships, body, energy and your business may all suffer. If you can recognize what is happening and work through this you don't have to let it stop your progress or cause problems. I listed out some of my favorite tips that I personally use to overcome feeling discouraged.

1. Get off of the comparison train

Do you notice that when you start feeling down or discouraged that many times it is fueled by comparing yourself, your body, your knowledge, your success, etc. to others? Figure out what is triggering you and stop doing whatever that is. I find that social media can be a huge trigger for comparing and for making you think that everyone else is doing better than you or has a better life than you. Remove yourself from groups, unfollow people that make you feel bad about yourself when you constantly compare yourself to them, delete social media apps or whatever is needed!

2. Exercise (outside is even better!)

I find that when I need a pick-me-up for my mood and motivation that exercising is a huge help. I love to do Power Vinyasa yoga, but each person is different, so find what you love and do it or do more of it! You can even get your kids and pets involved to make it more fun. If you don't love a type of exercise, don't do it!

3. Journal

I like to free-write out how I am feeling or how I want my life to be. You can focus on current situations only, current and then future or just the future. My favorite is to write about how things will be in the future for business, my personal life, personal growth, adventures, traveling, finances and beyond. Start with something like I am incredibly happy and grateful now that... (write in the present tense as if it has already happened). After you're finished re-read it and visualize what you want and FEEL it. This can really set you on a good path for the day or help you day end better.

4. Get back to the basics

Have you been trying to re-invent the wheel constantly in your business, losing weight or your personal life? Realize that although it is good to think outside the box and try new things, getting back to basics can be just what you need. What has worked for others in your situation? What has worked for you in the past that you aren't doing any longer? Think through these questions, do some research if needed and then get moving!

5. Form a new plan

Are you always using the same plans and never trying to come up with something new? Repetition can sometimes lead to a stale feeling or burnout. See if you can find new meals to make, a new form of exercising, fresh ideas for working on relationships, new date night spots, new ways of working on your personal growth, working on your business or whatever you're feeling discouraged in. You don't want to change what you are doing every day, but sometimes it can spice up your life if you mix things up occasionally.

6. Make time for yourself

Do you make time for reading new books, taking relaxing baths, going hiking, spending time outdoors or whatever it is that you love to do and makes you feel refreshed? You matter too and it is true that you cannot give from an empty tank. Fill up your tank and then you can give freely (don't just fill it once though). If you're looking for something new to try for relaxation and quieting your mind check out Float Center Shiloh in Shiloh, IL. Floating is great for the mind and body and I feel so refreshed and calm when I am finished floating. You will want to try it more than onc

7. Meditate

Meditation is sure to give you a refreshed mind and a better outlook on life. I notice myself smiling more, feeling like I took a nap and ready to take on the day with a better attitude after meditating. There are different ways to meditate, but my favorite is by guided meditation. The benefits are awesome, including being more productive.

8. Find 100 things that you are grateful for

Write down what you are grateful for and why, then feel the feelings of that gratitude for each thing or person you wrote down. Not sure where to start?... Do you have clean drinking and bathing water? Do you have a home or a roof over your head? Do you have a vehicle or a way to get around to the places you need to go? Do you have money to take care of yourself and your family? Do you get to go on vacation? Do you have a family that loves you? Do you have even 1 good friend? Start here and branch out to everything you can think of.

10. Make a to do list at night for the next day

Are you discouraged because you can't seem to get things done or accomplish your goals? Make a plan each night for the following day or first thing in the morning with the key tasks you need to accomplish and break each of those out into smaller tasks or goals to make it easier to tackle. Several small tasks getting checked off of your list equal to larger tasks getting checked off of your list without it feeling overwhelming.

11. Tackle your fears

Are you feeling discouraged because you are procrastinating on doing something or making a decision? Do you know what you need to do, but you're too scared to do it? Many of us find that our procrastination comes from fear of judgement, rejection, failure or even lack of self confidence. Procrastination on doing things that we don't want to do may come from this place, so check in with yourself and see if that is the case for you. If it is, try writing out what you need to do to accomplish your goal and then take several deep breaths (at least 6) and then say 3, 2, 1..GO! and then just do it without thinking about it. If you push through that fear you will love how you feel on the other side!

12. Drop the expectations

Are you giving people expectations of how they should act, but not sharing those expectations with them and then when they fail to meet those expectations you are let down and upset? STOP. Drop the expectations of others. We can only control ourselves, how we act and what we do. The less you expect from others, the happier you will feel and your relationships will be better also. If you need someone to do something then you need to communicate that need and that expectation or they will not know that. This is something we can all improve on!

13. Do something for someone else

When you're feeling down and you do something for someone else you are brightening their day and in turn brightening your day and outlook. Find someone you can help around their house, pay for someone's meal, leave money anonymously for someone to find somewhere around your town, volunteer at a place near to your heart, pay for someone's groceries or smile at everyone you see and say hi as you pass them. You don't have to spend a lot of money to change someone's day or even life. Simple acts of kindness and help go a long way.

14. Set up a plan to pay off debt

One of my favorite things to help me feel good, feel accomplished and like things are moving in the right direction is to pay off debt! We are working on this right now and so far have paid off a car 10 months early, a few hospital bills from having kids and a few credit cards. I like to make a spreadsheet with each debt and then list out how much we owe on that and the plan for paying it down, then put them in the order of smallest to largest. From there you will start putting any extra money that you can towards the smallest debt until it is paid off and then move to the next one. This will make you feel good and get you closer and closer to being debt free. Debt can be one of the biggest things that makes us feel stuck in our lives and this will break that chain.

Which of these ideas will you implement in your life? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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