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21 Indoor Activities for Kids Without Technology

How many of you hear "I'm SO bored" from your kids on rainy days or days where it isn't nice outside? Many of us will be quick to hand over a tablet or phone, give them a video game or turn on the TV to give them something to do. There are so many fun, creative things that you can do when you cannot go outside that don't involve tablets, video games or TV. I hope this list helps give you and your kids new ideas for a fun day no matter what the weather is like!

1. Paint a canvas - One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to let them be creative, so giving them a blank canvas with several paint colors and letting them paint whatever they want is so much fun (and cheap too). Hang it in their room when they are finished or they can give it as a gift.

2. Board games - When you think of board games they usually involve a lot of fun and laughs. Find a game that everyone loves or a few games to play!

3. Build a fort - Kids and adults alike love building forts. All you need is to find some sheets and blankets and then get creative. using furniture and items around the house to build the fort.

4. Make a meal together - See what ingredients you have and let the kids help make the next meal. They will love it and learn something while they're at it.

5. Make cookies or brownies - These can be made healthy so they don't have to make sugar-crazed kids. Pinterest has a lot of healthy options for both!

6. Play with toys that have been forgotten about - I don't know about your kids, but mine have plenty of toys that barely ever get played with. Have them go through their toys and see what they find to play with. They may be ready to give away some by doing this also.

7. Make a meal for someone else - This is a great thing to do for someone who may need help or would really appreciate the help. Your kids will learn about helping others and giving to others while having fun making a meal. Let the kids help deliver it also.

8. Read books together - Most kids love being read to or reading, so find some books that haven't been read in a while and let the kids choose which ones to read first.

9. Have a dance party - Technically this one involves some technology to play the music, but only to play the music. Dance it out, laugh and have a great time with your kids.

10. Try out new hairstyles - From mohawks to braids to curls and beyond, there are so many options for trying out new hairstyles. Have fun and laugh!

11. Make your own popsicles - The possibilities for popsicle ingredients are endless. Find some healthy ingredients and use popsicle molds to create your own. Your kids will be proud of what they made and excited to eat their popsicles when they're ready.

12. Play dress up - Whether it is a super hero, princess, dog, chef, mickey mouse or anything else, kids always love to play dress up. You can use costumes you already have to make one out of clothing and items around your house.

13. Play I spy - Look around the house just like in the car and play I Spy. Keep track and see who can guess correctly 10 times first. You can move to different areas of the house during the game so there are different options to choose from and to guess.

14. Play Simon says - This game is a lot of fun and makes you learn to listen better also so you don't lose or get out of the game. Who wouldn't love it if their kids listened better?

15. Color or draw pictures for each other - When you're finished swap pictures and see what the other person drew for you. If you have an odd number of people draw the picture for the person on your right.

16. Play a sport that your kids love - My kids are always wanting to run, play sports and be very active. Find 1, 2 or 5 sports that your kids love to play that can be played indoors and have a great time playing with them!

17. Make friendship bracelets - These are easy to make with string or yarn lying around your house and any beads or decorations you have. You can make them for each other or to give to other family members or friends.

18. Make a craft for the next holiday - Make a fun craft for Valentines day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's day or any other holiday coming up. When finished you can display the craft around your house and the kids will be proud of what they made and that everyone gets to see it that comes over.

19. Make a list of everything you and the kids are thankful for - This is a great feel-good activity and makes everyone in a better mood too when they realize everything that there is to be thankful for.

20. Play hide and seek - This game never gets old, everyone always has a lot of fun playing and you can even get some exercise while you're at it!

21. Play with blocks or legos - See who can build the tallest tower or just build something together. This is another great activity for getting creative.

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