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Finding your tribe

You know the people who just get you? The ones who completely understand where you're coming from when you tell them something. The people who completely support you even if they don't know you very well. The people who may not be anything like you physically or may not be from where you're from, but they are on a similar path in life as you. The people who can be honest with you, but are still encouraging and helpful. Whether they have known your for 20 years or a month still support you and your dreams.

Your tribe will shift and shape itself differently as your life and ideals change and as you continue to grow personally or spiritually. Your morals may change. Some people stay in your tribe no matter what, some people drift off on to a different path altogether and others are still there, but at a distance and only are only around occasionally. I believe all of this is based on how the path they're on matches up with yours. Whether that means they're on a path to making everything in their life more natural, a path to reach their physical strength peak, a path to personal growth or even a completely different or a destructive path than you are, this path determines how you will connect with them. When you feel in alignment with other people, conversation flows easily and you can see their soul light up in their eyes when talking to you. This is one of my favorite things about talking to people who are on a similar path.

I have changed my path and split off from many different people and groups of friends in the past that no longer fit where I was going. Not that they or I were better than one another, we simply had different morals, values and differences in priorities at that time in our lives. Our paths could cross again at some point in the future as things change. I love learning new things and educating myself on what is good or bad for my body, how I can improve myself personally and professionally and how I can change my life in a way that makes me happier or live a more joyful life, so I have changed a lot throughout my life and I'm sure I will continue to change. Now more than ever I feel that I am on MY path, the path I should be on and belong on.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”― Maya Angelou

This quote from Maya Angelou sums up how I live my life for the most part and I believe a lot of other people are also living their lives this way. Since we are doing the best we can and then doing better when we know better, we are going to change our path several times throughout our lives. You will make and lose many friends along the way and at some point you will find your "tribe" if you have not already found them. I find that the friends in my life that I connect the most with now are ladies who also have a passion for natural living, who love yoga, are animal lovers or people who are more easy going. Not everyone on my path fits this description or they might just fit one of these categories. These are people who help build me up and encourage me to go after my dreams.

If you have not found your tribe yet and aren't feeling like you have anyone in your life, try going to some new classes for things that interest you or you get very excited about when thinking about it. Try joining a new group for people with similar passions as yours or if you can't find one, start one! Not sure what your passionate about? Start trying things! Art classes, jewelry making classes, sewing, yoga, zumba, dance lessons, rock climbing, etc. Learn something new and see what makes your soul light up. You will feel it and you will know that you are in the right place and on the right path. Continue to follow your heart. You may not realize it, but your tribe may be right in front of you.

Let me know in the comments below how you have found your tribe and how it has changed your life or what you are going to do to try to find your tribe.

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